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Insurance is a necessary part of life, but paying too much is not. Save on your insurance by getting several Illinois insurance quotes.

Drive Your Car and Pay Less: Strategies that Produce Savings

In Illinois, it is important to have auto insurance when you drive a car. Liability coverage is necessary to drive a car in Illinois, and if you get caught driving your automobile without protection, you could have your license plates suspended, and you could be fined $500 or more. You can save on your policy. There are several steps that you can take to save on your coverage.

Purchase the Right Car

Insurers charge different rates for different cars. When the time comes to purchase your next automobile, you may want to call your insurer to try to find out which cars have better rates. If you are trying to choose between two different vehicles and one charges significantly less for coverage, you may want to choose the house with the lower cost if premiums are a concern.

Be a Risk Taker

When an insurer agrees to insure you, they are taking on risk. Insurance is when people pool their risks. Many people won't need to make a claim in any given year, and these are the people the provider will make money on. When someone does have to make a claim, the provider loses money. When you raise your deductible, you take on more risk yourself. Say you raise your deductible from $500 to $1000.

If you get into an accident and there is $750 in damages, you will have to pay out of pocket, but if you get into a major accident and your car is totaled, you will still be covered. If you are driving an older vehicle that is worth less than $2000, you may want to drop any sort of comprehensive and collision add-ons. This is taking on more risk for yourself, but in most cases, you are paying more to put collision and comprehensive protection on your automobile than you would ever get back.

Combine Different Types of Coverage

If you have life, homeowner's, and auto insurance, you may want to bundle your policy with one insurer. Just as bundling your cable and phone service with the same company can save you money, bundling more than one type of insurance with the same insurer often can save you money as well. Get a quote in order to find out whether you can save money by combining your policies.

Ask About Safety Discounts

Your insurer may offer discounts if you have certain safety features installed. Anti-lock brakes, airbags, and automatic seatbelts might get you insurance discounts. Check with your provider to see if they offer discounts for any of the safety features that your vehicle has.